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Shadow of the Sword

Shadow of the Swords
An Epic Novel of the Crusades

An epic saga of love and war, Shadow of the Swords tells the story of the Crusades—from the Muslim perspective.


Reviews for Mother of the Believers

"Both epic and intimate, a glorious story."
-- Amy Tan

"Kamran Pasha's Mother of the Believers taught me more about the soul of Islam in a few hundred pages than seven years' worth of contemporary news coverage, punditry, and the shelf full of books I've got at home. Superbly written, brilliantly realized, and absolutely authoritative, Pasha's tale of the Prophet, told by Muhammad's favored wife Aisha (who was no slouch as a warrior herself), brings depth and humanity to a people, a faith and a world that many of us in the West, myself included, have seen heretofore only as alien and enemy. Mother of the Believers is much needed in this hour -- and it's a helluva ripping yarn too!"
-- Steven Pressfield

"With insight and sensitivity, and in a beautiful balance of research and imagination, Kamran Pasha sheds light not only on the seminal figure of Aisha but on the origins of Islam. Mother of the Believers is both timely and timeless."
-- Karen Essex, author of Leonardo's Swans

"A brilliant, beautiful historical novel unlike anything I've read in years. Pasha's book brings the early history of Islam alive and sheds light on one of the most fascinating women in history. You will love this book."
-- Reza Aslan, author of No god but God

"With incredible scholarship and sensitivity Kamran Pasha has crafted a remarkable tale and one that is long overdue. Beautifully written and felt, Mother of the Believers tells the incredible story of the early years of Islam from the point of view of Aisha a thoughtful young woman who is destined to share her future with the Prophet of Islam. From the early days of persecution and enmity to the triumph of what will be one of the world's great religions, Aisha describes the struggle of a small band of believers to survive and ultimately to flourish in an environment that is in turns unforgiving and breathtakingly beautiful. This is a book of inspired and heartfelt imagination to be savored and enjoyed and an achievement of the first order."
-- Fred Chiaventone, author of Moon of Bitter Cold

“Readers will appreciate this excellent historical fiction that depicts the key Muslim woman during the cradle years of Islam.”
-- Harriet Klausner

Mother of the Believers is a fascinating and beautifully crafted work of historical fiction.”
-- January Magazine

“This is an erudite, well written and evocative novel about a period and a woman in history I knew nothing about.”
-- Historical Boys (blog)

“Pasha does an excellent job maintaining the narrative drive. Despite our knowledge of the eventual outcome, the story of the early Muslims trial in Arabia is nail biting as it seems unlikely that they could survive the range of tribulations they faced.”
-- Books are my Only Friends(Blog)

“For those who know little or nothing of the history of Islam, Mother of the Believers is an absorbing and moving introduction.”
-- Historical Novels

“I normally don't recommend books because I think that tastes are highly subjective and individual but I think this book is a must read for people of all faiths and those of little or no faith. In our world today, Islam is so often misunderstood that it would be very productive for more people to familiarize themselves with its origins and its core beliefs.”
-- We Be Reading

“This work Mother of the Believers, is pivotal in our communications about Islam. This books serves a great purpose in communicating effectively the great narratives that define and explain who we are, why we are, and what we are.”
-- The American Muslim

“It is definitely time to learn more about Islam, and Pasha has provided a significant beginning to our education.”
-- Bookloons

“Go buy it - it’s a good read.”
-- Progressive Islam